Wanderthirst Hostels Restaurant


Home is right where the food is- WanderThirst’s restaurant bring you everything on a plate in our menu.

Wanderthirst Hostels Luggage Storage

Luggage Storage

Don’t want to crowd your room with your backpack? We’ve got a seperate luggage storage perfect for your extra baggage to keep.

Wanderthirst Hostels Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Shop

We’ve got our own Tattoo Shop perfect for you to get inked.

Wanderthirst Hostels Shower

Hot/Cold Shower

We all love a good shower after a tiring day and even better when you have both Hot and Cold shower in the bathroom.

Wanderthirst Hostels 24 Hour Reception

24 Hour Reception

All day, All night- just give us a ring, we got your back for any problems you encounter.

Wanderthirst Hostels Locker


Safety first! Not just yourself but also your things. Its safe and sound in our lockers.

Wanderthirst Hostels Rooms


We have artsy rooms for all types. We offer Co-ed group sharing room with bunk beds, private rooms do you can have some ‘me’ time and female dorm rooms for all female groups.

Wanderthirst Hostels Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space

Bond with like-minded individuals in the Co-Working space where you can get your work as well as meetings done in peace.

Wanderthirst Hostels Wifi


Welcome to our generation- we need Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi needs us. Let’s get work done with 24-hr available Wi-Fi.

Wanderthirst Hostels Laundry Service

Laundry Service

Refresh all your dirty laundry so you can dress fresh and clean. We have laundry service to assist you with it.

Wanderthirst Hostels Game Room

Game Room

Nothing beats fatigue like passionate gaming on the couch- just like home sweet home!