Thoughts Before Your FIRST Backpacking Trip

Let’s be honest here- if you’re a ‘veteran’ backpacker, you surely did have thoughts before leaving home to your FIRST backpacking trip and it was definitely a big deal. Com’on you were leaving! Your home! Alone! Or not? To a foreign land! Shocking- I know. Here’s a list of thoughts compiled that a newbie backpacker has in their mind and it’s totally fine because everyone has them.

I need this, I need this, Should I take this, I might need this… and the thought goes on and on: You will be gone for a while so you want to have everything with you and not spend the already limited money you have the rest of your trip. You surely made a list of things you needed and had an argument with yourself if you really needed them. Stressful and worse if you don’t have the item when you need it!

Gotta look good: Honey, tell me you did not think about carrying some cologne or makeup and some fancy stuff with you incase of ‘emergency’ or just gotta look ‘good’. Trust me, few weeks in you won’t even remember the last time you took a proper bath. Who you trying to impress anyway? Let’s look presentable because looking good is just a dream hahaha.

Uh I pray that the hostels will be live-able: Earth to backpacker, welcome to reality- you can’t ask for more with the limited budget you have but honestly the hostels are the coolest (with facilities of course) plus you get to meet so many people like you. They will be ‘live-able’, eatable, and everything you didn’t imagine.

Dirty laundry will be the death of me. Where will I wash my clothes? : Well, this isn’t even a concern as nowadays hostels and homestays have laundry facilities and if not, a bar of soap and a sink should get your job done. Hostels have toilets so dirty laundry no more.

What if I get kidnapped? No, what if I get lost? And no one will ever find me and I will die a sad death: Yeah, realistic but not really. You could get lost sometimes but that’s the thrill of backpacking. You can always ask the locals for help and if you are going somewhere remote, you might want to take extra lessons from the guide giving you instructions. Kidnapping is a rare case and hopefully you don’t.

I can’t wait to post all the awesome things in my Instagram account. It’s going to be lit: Yes, yes and yes. One of the fun part about backpacking is you will too many memories to remember and so many pictures to post. You’re gonna be the aesthetic blogger and you will have followers to share your stories to. Sharing is caring (as well as fun in this case)

Limited budget gotta save: If this is what you’re thinking- you are dead wrong. You may be a backpacker with a budget but you are travelling to a foreign land and there are so many fascinating things from place to place so you will have a hard time saving your measly wallet. We have all been there.

I’m nervous to meet other backpackers but I’ll be relieved to see I’m not alone: Well you’re going to see a backpacker right in your hometown before you leave so you know that they are spread everywhere from across the globe. And you’re going to be one of them! First time you may be nervous but you’ll be comfortable after a few encounters and make friends with.

“Yeah mum, I’ll contact every now and then. Don’t worry.” : This is if you carry some kind of worldwide working SIM because Wi-Fi is not your best friend. Also you’re travelling so your ‘every now and then’ would be once every two months if the network decides to work for once.

What if I get mugged?: Sadly, if you get mugged, the most you can do is contact the foreign affairs/tourist department of the country (you won’t be in the priority list if its not your passport or documents you lost) and the least you can do is chase after them. There will be native locals looking for an opportunity to scam you so better safe than sorry (not all locals are like that-don’t generalize others from your experience).

Good luck on your first backpacking trip!

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