The Struggles of Backpacking

This is a lighthearted topic that is relatable (or not) to backpackers whether it is his or her first time travelling or their 50th one. Backpacking is fun, spontaneous and carefree but every now and then there are things you can relate to with other people’s experience and think, “Hey, I’ve been through this” or “That is so relatable”. Here are 7 struggles of backpacking or being a backpacker in general, can you relate to any of these?

Packing Drama

As much as you are thrilled for your journey or just plan to take it casual, you are either packing too much or too little. There are times when you pack so much and you can’t even lift your bag! and you do not use half the items you carry, you wish you left them at home. But when you pack too little you will always wish you carried one thing or another because it’s never enough. Funny how your friend manages too pack efficiently, just the right amount and all the items required even though you did the same?

Your Hostel’s Wi-Fi hates you

Wi-Fi may not be as much of a big deal but there are times when your hostel’s Wi-Fi seems to have a bitter grudge against ONLY you! Just a few seconds ago you were enjoying the Internet but all of a sudden its buffering or can’t connect to you. The biggest heartbreak has to be when your hostel offers no Wi-Fi. Truly Tragic

Spending Habits

Do you ever just become petty because this life you’ve been leading (that you chose) is just shitty? You will search for the cheapest place but are not will to spend just an extra dollar/pound/rupees for good accommodation for a fair price. You have everything planned out on where and what you will spend your money on. You will expect cheap things but when things are not what they seem, it feels like you’re broke all of a sudden! But beer always has a special place in the wallet.

The Weather Games

Welcome to the hunger games with the weather and no murders. As a backpacker who travels from place to place or country to country, the weather is one of the nastiest things you can encounter. Honestly it’s a hit or miss. You can be lucky to face a pleasant day and be struck by lightning in the next 24 hours or get drenched from the sudden downpour. Trekking in the mountains is even more unpredictable, one minute it’s hot and the next you’re running for shelter from the rain or the wind blows the dust right into your face.

Patience wearing thin

You are travelling in a certain pace and you have a destination in mind. Now the question is “Will I get there by this time?” “How long does it take for me to reach here?” “How far is the rest area from my current location?” “Is it lunch time yet?” “Will I catch my flight/bus?” “Can I stay here forever?”. Next thing you’ll know, you’re running full speed to not miss your bus or probably frustrated that you did not reach your destination in the time you expected to.

Filth is my middle name

Although it’s not every time but some days you go without taking a bath for weeks or months! You can no longer distinguish whether the smell is from you or the garbage dump next to you- oh wait that’s a mirror! (Jokes aside) Don’t forget the dirty laundry. First few days you will feel disgusted and itching to clean yourself and the laundry but once you get comfortable- there’s no going back. When you take a shower after so long it feels like you just got rid of a whole weight.

Scams here, Scams there

If you have never been a victim of a scam, congratulations you are one lucky person. As a backpacker we are on a budget-friendly journey but in the eyes of the locals we are still a tourist who have the dough or naïve easy prey. Whether it’s the hiked price for ‘tourists’ or not, we get charged double the price for the taxi or even on restaurants! You won’t even know you’re being ripped off! Sad but life gives you lemons.

These are some of the struggles of backpacking that most of us can relate to (just assuming) but how many of this did you relate to? 7/7 or none?

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