Staying Healthy While Travelling

Backpacking may sound glamorous and adventurous but anyone with the experience knows that walking miles, boarding several flights and running from places to places eventually take a toll on your body physically and mentally. As stimulating as backpacking may be you are eventually bruised, stressed and more likely to get tired mid travelling. That would suck- but here are some tips to stay healthy while travelling and make it 10 times better!

Drink Water

Water is ‘the’ most important thing to your body. Keep yourself hydrated at all times for a balanced body conditions and clear skin against the stress, the dirt and germs. In case you have no access to drinking water while travelling, boil the water source for at least 5 minutes as a safe and effective way to stay healthy.

Relaxing flight

Relaxing Air Flight

All the hassle and tussle of arranging things before flight can have you exhausted and the only time you take a break is during the long flight. Its important that you take this chance to freshen up with refreshments, water, bit of regular stretching and flexing of toes, calves, arms and back while sitting to avoid cramps and jetlag. Don’t forget to catch some sleep! Try to relax as much as you can.

Sanitizer and Lotions

Carrying tiny bottles or sachets of hand sanitizer and lotions like sun cream, moisturizer, face oil, cleanser and even shampoo come to be highly effective to prevent bacteria, germs or skin breakout.

Active is Key


If you’ve got a day off or an hour to kill, the best thing for your body would be some stretching, yoga, workout or take a walk to your destination. This will also help in metabolism and clear your mind from other stuff. Drink some calming tea and a bit of stretching before you hit the bed. Even the lightest activity can help you stay healthy.

Sleep, sleep, sleep


Besides all the hydration and exercises, the most important factor for your body to keep up during travelling is by getting enough sleep. Set a regular bedtime or got to bed early so you wake early with a clear fresh mind. Sleep will help you de-stress and you can make better decisions the next morning. Pick a hostel with a comfortable feeling so that you can recharge your brain, body and electronics.

Eat healthy

Eat Healthy

Create a scheduled time for breakfast, lunch and dinner with proper nutrition as often as possible. If you want snacks in the streets, try to lessen the amount you intake- even better try to find a healthy snack. Don’t over eat, under eat or skip meals, just follow your timetable. Carry all the necessities during treks and hikes like nutrition bar, chocolates, energy drinks and soup sachets.



During a long travel, things may become difficult and neither food nor sleep can help you with it. Besides mental and physical health you also need to be emotionally stable to stay healthy. Find the best way to overcome the situation in your own way. It’s best to not keep feelings to yourself and let it out through writing. Write a diary, a blog or letters to your loved ones, to a stranger or make lyrics that explain your feelings, this might help lift off some weight.



Staying healthy also involves learning. Not bulking down words but simple basic things like first-aid, or languages or currencies and anything in general. It keeps your mind occupied and lessens the exhaustion of the mind and body.

These are some basic necessary tips to keep yourself kicking throughout travel so incase we missed some of your own favorite tip to staying healthy, you can always write them down for others to read. Health comes first so take care of yourself at all times.

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