Knowledge and Dreams: Know Farid

If you ever check in from around 6-11 PM, you will meet Farid at the reception ready to receive you with a bright smile. To break it down to who exactly this mystery man you’ll encounter at the front desk is, let us introduce you to the person who you will be relying on a lot during your stay at WanderThirst Hostels.

Who’s Farid?

Farid Ahmed is like any 24-year old who does the things he loves to do and dreams of discovering more on where to go next. A simple and loyal guy, his hobbies aren’t that different from others. He likes playing FIFA, spends most of his time with the snooker pool and sometimes football but nothing beats the sensation of deep sleep on a day off.

He fondly recalls that he had always wanted be a receptionist; wearing suit & tie with a big smile greeting all sorts of people in the front desk. Before he settled down at WanderThirst and his current workplace, he was the head of sales for a big company. He was wearing the smart suit & tie he had always been dreaming of and his contagious smile was ever so bright, he was talking to all sorts of people but something was missing. He was a social butterfly but trapped in the closed four walls of his office with nothing to gain or lose.

As a traveller and learner, he finally came into the world of tourism. Not only was he learning but he was also sharing the knowledge he had with travellers from all around the world that came to visit Nepal. Farid initially started out as only a travel agent but decided that moving himself to the receptionist post would be much more easier to create a connection with the guests who would check in and enquire about the trips they were going to take. Even though he was not wearing a suit & tie, he was doing what he loved. He is in the reception, with a smile and talking to people and the best part is that he is expanding his knowledge.

Farid is WanderThirst’s part-time receptionist, travel agent, advisor as well as consultant who can connect you to the right people anywhere in Nepal. As a travel informant, he is ready to provide you with all his knowledge about the geography, the itinerary, the items, must go places and recommends you to professional agents who will handle your trip to be a successful and safe. Although he’s physically available only after 6 PM, he is always there to answer your enquiries via text or call. Rest assured that his information are legit even if they are a mix of a little bit Google and a little bit of the professional team at HCT.

In Nepal, people assume that trekking and expeditions is a rich people’s sport since it is very expensive. When backpackers come to Nepal, they immediately stay at Thamel (obviously being the tourist hub) but they overlook the fact that they are also a chance for profit for the conmen. The street people who appear helpful and kind easily influence backpackers and travellers but not every story has a happy ending. Even if they do plan you an itinerary and send you a guide, it is unfortunate that there are cases of travellers having to deal with unlicensed guides with little to no English communicating skills and even left stranded.

The mountains are a dangerous place; anything can happen, especially to those who are not familiar with the geography. To avoid this situation to repeat with our guests at WanderThirst, Farid is your knight in shining armor who has connections with licensed and experienced professionals who have been in the tourism industry for a long time. With the help of Himalayan Challenge Treks (HCT), a renowned travel company, Farid can hook you up with qualified and trusted people to take you anywhere in Nepal.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask Farid about anything and anywhere in Nepal. His information is free of cost and he even hooks you up with professional agents. You know where to find him right?

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