Illustrated in Ink; Know Sumina

By now, you should already know that we have our own Tattoo house but how much do you know about our Tattoo Artist? Sumina Shrestha is WanderThirst’s tattoo artist and has been doing tattoos for 3yrs now. She chose to pursue tattoo after finishing her course in fine arts. She loves experimenting with different styles of tattoos and challenging herself by learning new things about the art of tattoo.

In this interview, she talks about tattoo, techniques and the story behind her illustrations.

What styles and technique do you use?
Every. I like experimenting, the newer the better

What ink do you use?
The inks are different for lining, different for coloring- it depends on the brand although I don’t have specific ink but mainly here I use quantum

How would you describe your style?
Rather than style, I mostly do lining, I have interest in portraits, it can be an animal or any kind of characters

Black work or color? What’s its main charm?
Black work. I think black works are easier, the shades are fun to do and its also less time consuming than colored tattoos. Color is fun as well

How long does 1 tattoo take to finish?
If it were minimalistic or just a small one, maximum would be half an hour. Some tattoos like names or words are doable in 15 minutes. It depends on the size of the tattoo the client wants, it can extend from 3-4 hours to even an entire day

What’s the longest time you’ve done?
The longest one I’ve done was a 6-hour tattoo; it was a huge one on the biceps except the biceps were huge!

Any cool ‘tattoo stories’ from your experience?
There are a lot of people who come in to get tattoos with different meanings and backstories of why they chose the design. There’s so many that I don’t even know which one to remember. One of my recent clients stood out to me; they had a very small and simple design of a symbol but it had an amazing meaning on why they wanted it. It all depends on the individual getting the tattoo. I believe every person have their own reason and choice on why they want to ink that particular tattoo.

What designs do people mostly ask you to do?
People mostly want to ink what’s trendy. Just like fashion, the tattoo community has its own trending culture. Most of my clients here come to do tattoos of Gods or any symbol that represents luck. Regarding gods, it’s mostly the Hindu gods.

What is your favorite tattoo done till now?
I’m actually proud of all my works. Rather than biasness over which is my favorite, I feel really happy and proud on tattoos that I can bring changes and obviously the results of anything I do makes me feel happy.

Do the clients let you ink your own creation or do they bring in their own design?
Till now or should I say in general anywhere, the clients bring their own designs from Google or Pinterest or anywhere they find it. Usually they want the exact replication of the design they bring but I try my best to convince them to change it or customize a bit on the design with a little mix & max of my own style to create a totally different design. If they consent to it, I work on the new one but of course if they want the exact copy of the design they bring, I have no say in it and these I don’t put them in any of my social medias or portfolio, as they are not my designs.

Can you explain the process behind your works?
I can sketch designs on the spot if the clients ask me to. Some want customized designs on existing designs they find on the Internet, they tell me what they want and I send the final design after I sketch according to their request. Once they’ve agreed to it, I set up the area and prepare necessary materials, but the most important part is to maintain hygiene on all forms.

How do you create a connection with your client?
People are different individuals. I try my best to create a connection with them so they are comfortable during the inking process. Some people may keep silent until the very end, some may be angry and in pain, while some need to keep talking to me, you can say it all depends on their personality. It’s a combination of awkward silence and chitchats.

What’s the latest tattoo trend going on?
Geometric designs are very popular nowadays. It’s clean cut and gives a very unique look that does not require any shading or difficult linings.

What kind of designs would you like to do in the future?
As I’ve said before, I’m very interested in portraits and experimenting so I’d like to work on the portraits design but maybe add more styles to it, like making it different from realism. I’d love to do more colors in the future but I’d say the main thing is client satisfaction. The client needs to be happy with their tattoo.

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