I am a Solo Female Traveller: The First Time

Solo travelling is the coolest thing in the world- you’re travelling all around the world ‘ALONE’ and you’re independent on the next level. Female solo travellers are labeled as brave, risk takers, confident and eccentric but this label doesn’t define why they choose to solo travel. According to Unique Home Stays, in 2015 with the average age of solo travellers being 46, 78 percent of those travellers were female and in 2017 with the average age being 47, 84 percent were female with only 16 percent of male solo travellers! How cool is that!

Of course solo travelling does not have to be trekking, hiking and all the energetic sporty stuff because when you’re on an adventure, you can make anything into a fun memorable trip. A popular solo traveller page- Solo Travel Society asked their female members why they travel solo and here is their answer-

- 46% said freedom, independence and the opportunity to do what they wanted
- 22% said they would not wait for others to join them
- 15% said to challenge themselves and gain confidence as solo travel lets you travel in your own way

You can find more about the page here: https://solotravelerworld.com

A Solo Female Traveller

Trusting yourself plays a major role in deciding that you will travel alone in a place you’ve never been before no matter what gender you are. As a female solo traveller, you need to prepare more physically, mentally and emotionally and you need to plan through every destination of your trip for what is best. In the back of your mind you’re still worried that something might happen and your family and friends are constantly worried as well. But the best way to overcome these fears about the world is to travel and face these fears. You will surprise yourself when you realize that there is actually nothing to be scared of and everything you read was not really true.

Solo travelling is liberating with no rules or responsibilities tying you down to take the next step. You experience a freedom that makes you younger and more mature because you have experienced a unique episode that is out of your comfort zone and this makes your solo travelling a learning experience. One of the main concerns for first time female solo travellers would be being alone throughout the trip and you worry about how you’re going to handle situations without complications. You might even have to restrict yourself from wandering late at night to avoid possible sexual assault or dress accordingly to the lifestyle of the place but all this is taking extra precautions for yourself and by no means will it hamper your trip. In fact both men and women have to worry about personal safety while travelling although there are few things that tend to happen exclusively to females.

A Solo Female Traveller

Before you hit the road, you do tons and tons of researching and seek tips and advices for solo travelling on the Internet. Every page has different opinions, tips, and ideas and there’s this little insecurity in you that it may not go right but the best thing about travelling solo is that you’re never alone. You may start out alone but you’ll meet other like-minded solo travellers (many females) and you make a connection with them. Whether you’re in the road or a restaurant or a hostel, there are plenty other people who are travelling like you and they are great companions because you click. To spend the night you have hostels that are cheap, comfortable and with other fellow travellers so don’t be afraid that its going to be solo all the way. In fact it’s going to be quiet fun when you’re exposed to the world but you’re not alone! Especially female travellers welcome female travellers and this bond is beautiful and empowering.

So don’t hesitate to go on a solo trip. It’s all about that experience and just being you. You can build friendships all around the world, you get to taste the authentic foods, learn the lifestyle and culture of the world and relax while you self-discover. Don’t let your age or any other factor stop you from fulfilling your travel dreams. You are doing what you love and that’s beautiful! Good luck ladies!

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