6 Reasons to Stay at a Backpackers’ Hostel

There is always a question, moreover, a misconception when a lot of people think about living in a backpackers' hostel. And that is okay. However, it is also important to analyze whether the gossips are entirely true. We believe that many of you who have lived in hostels during their travels have identified the truths of spending nights and days there. As said before, it is alright if some of you are familiarizing with the backpacking concept. It is natural to be unsure of believing in stories of unhygienic, dangerous, and unsafe environments there before packing your bag for the journey. We will help you out to bust the myth.

The truth is hostels can be the best part of traveling minimally. Yes, we understand that the statement will not inspire you right away. Nevertheless, we should not be carried away by negative stories based on a single bad experience. You can achieve your dream of traveling far and wide, meet new friends, and save a lot of money. So here are 6 reasons for choosing a backpackers' hostel to stay.

1. Cheap like dirt!

Yes, you heard it. Staying in a hostel can save you a fortune of what you will spend during your entire travel. The prices will differ from hostel to hostel and country to country but there is not much margin. We for sure know that it will cost you far less than a one meal dinner at an expensive restaurant.

2. Make new friends and travelers from different countries.

To meet new faces who are excited to explore new traveling destinations in one place is like a treat. On the one hand, you can befriend with fellow travelers and on the other, you can learn a lot about and with each other. Whether you are from London or New York or Mumbai or Berlin, it will just feel amazing to be together and share traveling tales and cultures.

3. Denying the popular misconception, hostels are indeed clean and quirky.

Most backpackers' hostels are filled with artworks, paintings, writings, and creative pieces of art, unlike hotels. The ambiance, aesthetics, and vibrant atmosphere are highly prioritized. And yes, the housekeeping is done properly and daily.

4. Go around, go local, and explore minimally.

The location of backpackers' hostels is always at a local place. So this is a great chance for you to roam around the place, meet the locals, taste local foods, and know the history. This way of exploring does not cost you much. Moreover, it allows you to connect with the locals and fellow travelers – the most humanly feeling. In all ways, it is better to go out than spend a lot on lodging only.

5. There's always something going on.

It is not like you have to go out to save more – it is not a compulsion. There are lots of things you can occupy yourself at the hostel. Some places have spacious areas where you can hang out, read books, chill on the hammocks, play PlayStation, party with friends, enjoy livemusic, or watch movies and sports on the big screens/television. At times, you can end up having more fun inside the hostel than hanging outside. So there are just so many things to look forward to.

6. Don't worry. You will be safe.

Another popular notion is that the backpackers' hostels are unsafe and dangerous. But it is very hard to agree because hostels are safe 24/7. The staffs do their best to provide you with security and with all the help they need. You will indeed be sharing the room with another person but it is not something to be worried about. There will be a security camera, there will be lockers to store your belongings, and there will be staff that will take care of you. Therefore, just be relaxed and plan for your journey. All shall be well.

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