2020: The Year to Visit Nepal and to Explore Like Never Before

To continue two successive campaigns of Visit Nepal 1998 and 2011, Nepal Tourism Board decided to mark the year 2020 with another edition. Being marked as an unsafe country to travel after 2015's devastating earthquake, a rumor mainly spread by mainstream media, Nepal had to suffer inflow of the tourists in forthcoming years. But with time the tourism industry bounced back and following many supportive initiations of reconstruction and repair after the earthquake, Nepal is back to rekindle its divine gift of nature and history.

Nepal, as you know, is in the top 10 of the two recognized list; fifth in one of the top 10 countries to visit in the world and first in the best-valued destination in the world. There are numerous reasons for this country to be among the best destinations. And yes, you know them; the natural beauty that's nothing sort of heavenly, highest ranges of spiky mountains and hills, and cultures and traditions that are difficult to count with many hands and many fingers.

Welcome to the land where you cannot help but fall in love with for life!

We are not saying that for the sake of boasting but because it is real and those who have already visited Nepal have experienced it. As for you, who are here for the first time, we promise you will leave the country with the same sensation. The following are many reasons which will take you on a similar journey.

1. Mountains for climbing, trekking, and hiking

This has to be the top reason why many travelers and trekkers visit Nepal – to climb, trek, or hike to see the highest summits as possible. You have the opportunity to climb Mt. Everest and other mountains, plus you can set your sights on base camps of the highlands of the world. At the least, you can be at an altitude of 3500 to 4000 meters and above anywhere you choose to go. This is truly exceptional because as you might know the 8 of the world's top 10 mountains are in Nepal. And they are all 8000 meters above.

2. Cultures and sites to learn tradition and history from

Another amazing reason to visit Nepal in 2020 is to be close to many cultures of the country and to be at the world heritage sites. This is an opportunity for you to expand your historical knowledge and your knowledge of numerous cultures that are present here. There are countless and endless settlements of ethnic groups that follow different traditions and religions. Nepal is rich in lifestyle based on these distinct ways of following and ways of living.

The cultural diversity is describable because you will be able to see temples, shrines, and areas of historical and religious importance. This is for a fact because there 8 sites enlisted by UNESCO under Cultural Heritages Sites – 7 of which are in Kathmandu and 1 is in Lumbini.

3. Sanctuaries to witness biodiversity

Beyond trekking to observe mountains and learning cultures and histories, Nepal is also rich in biodiversity. There is a wide range of plants and animals in Nepal among which some are only found here. Stats show that there about 852 species of birds – which has increased the viewers' flow in the country. Bird watching is an official activity for tourists visiting Nepal. You can take a ride to the biggest National Parks in the country like Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, Khaptad National Park, and many others to witness birds, plants, and endangered animals. Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Fox, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, etc. can be observed which are very rare of their kinds in the world.

With active and vigorous participation of Nepal's government, private, public sectors, and Nepalese people, there is a high expectation that Visit 2020 will be more successful like previous successions. There is a target set of welcoming about 2 million tourists in Nepal. To achieve this landmark, services of hotels, roads, airports, transportations, and other required resources have been refreshed and some are being constructed for full-fledged operation for when the moment arrives.

So with everything naturally in place for you to witness and with infrastructures being enhanced for you to make your traveling dream to Nepal come true, you do not need to worry one bit. We have passed the earthquake and we have set our sight on becoming an improved nation with what we have as a gift. We at WanderThirst Hostels also have our share to contribute to the new dawn of tourism industry i.e. Visit 2020. And we promise to play our part to make it successful. We are ready and we welcome you with our open arms to Nepal. See you around soon!

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