About Us
About Us

Welcome To WanderThirst Hostels

Our undertaking at The WanderThirst Hostels is to harness the energies of likeminded people (a universal family of kindred spirits) and act as their “nest” – the platform where they come to exchange ideas and unite in bringing them to life for worthy causes in a stimulating and engaging environment.

WanderThirst remains a wandering dream like state for lost travellers who continue to seek salvation in discovering new lands and meeting new people with a mind of their own. We shelter all souls looking for a dream to walk acorss believing that life isn’t about living along but living through it breaking shells of the mask we wear in our day to day lives.

Till the end of life wherever you are, WandertThirst is a nest for all of your creations, your trials, your beginnings and your dreams to end in a full bloom of prosperity. What is true happiness?, that we will never know but when you sit down to close your eyes and breathe for a moment, everything disappears like a mirage into thin air of blank emptiness and a surge of peace hits you like an ocean wave. You feel yourself getting farther and farther away from all the noise and existence of the rumbling city, your impatience has faded and you find yourself drunk in the ecstasy of freedom.

A wandering soul in this never-ending cycle of seeking the universal truth, we have a long way to run despite having come a long way from life. Dreaming that tomorrow will be different, dreaming that the tomorrow you wait for will no longer become the name of yesterday, dreaming that you will find an end to this maze called life and at some point you will know where you are going.

For now, let’s keep wandering.